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UltraNetCam HSPI For HomeSeer [NEW]

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    UltraNetCam HSPI For HomeSeer [NEW]

    UltraNetCam for HomeSeer 2:

    A HomeSeer HS2 plug-in used to capture snapshots from network cameras for surveillance and security purposes.

    UltraNetCam is a HomeSeer HS2 plug-in used to capture snapshots from network cameras installed in your home for surveillance and security purposes. UltraNetCam supports taking simultaneous snapshots from your network cameras and provides the ability to archive the snapshots off site to an FTP repository or sending e-mail notifications containing the last snapshot, or a compressed attachment of the snapshots or an MP4 video of the snapshots.

    How It Works

    UltraNetCam HSPI connects to your network cameras using the HTTP protocol and captures a series of snapshots (still images) in response to an external trigger (motion sensor, door opening, etc.) to create a snapshot event. The snapshot event can be viewed using HomeSeer and can be sent by e-mail or archived to an FTP repository.

    Version 1.1.4770.37135 - Released Jan 26, 2013
    • Added option to specify image size to use in the 'Cameras Latest Snapshots" view (to rescale picture in html view)
    • Added option to set default number of snapshots to display (25, 50...200) instead of always starting at 25.
    • Added option to copy the ffmpeg created video rather than just the archive photo information.
    • Added ability to provide internal and/or external HS2 URL (hostname and port) to be used in email notifications.
    • Added ability to archive snapshots to local or network drive.
    • Added support for Foscam FI9821W.
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