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ip server 9100

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    ip server 9100

    Hi all,
    i was suprised that i did'nt recieve any replies to my previous post.
    Even if no'one can help it would be nice to know that someone read my post.
    If i figure it out i will be sure to post my solution.


    I have one of these. It can use CGI commands to switch ports and snap a pic.

    Start Here:

    Have you been here:

    It is an alternative firmware that greatly enhances the server. I flashed mine.

    You are on your own for flashing your firmware. All the info is available.

    Other than using the activeX object for it, which can stream, but not in HS.

    Use this for a single Picture:


    For a server push picture at intervals:


    To switch ports:


    M being 0 thru 3

    All from first link...

    Here is another cam site that has some info under "Similar Devices"...

    I have a lot more on this 4 port IP analog cam server and if I make anything from this I will post.
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      ip vuieo server

      Thank you!
      Thank you!
      Thank you!
      Now i have a good start.



        Got it.
        It's funny how just a small piece of information can do wonderful things.
        WAF is 100%.
        I can now use netcam, which is free!
        Thank you very much.
        BTW; I also use applied digital stuff.
        I am pretty good with ocelot programming.
        I use leopard 2,and secu16,secuir,speakeasy,lightbobcat,tempbobcat,rly8-xa modules.
        Leopard for the critical stuff, HS2 for the bells and whistles.
        If i can be of service, post to me.
        Thanks again.