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    Install/Update Failure...

    I have had UltraNetCam3 installed for quite some time now. Mostrecently I had ver 3.0.5313.30344. I am trying to download and install 3.05471.19690 and keep gettin an Install/Update Failure

    I am using the Plug-In manager to do the install.

    I have tried disabling the plug-in first, and that didn't work. I have tried restarting HS3 and that didn't work. I have removed the plug-in exe and config files and then tried downloading, and that didn't work.

    Some suggestions please. Is there a way I can simply download the updated files and place them in the right folders?

    Right now I no longer have camera support as I removed the plug-in form the plug-in manager and cannot get a new one (or an old one) installed.

    Problem Solved...

    My mistake. It wasn't clear in the plug-in manager that the plug-in required or higher to install.