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UltraNetCam3 - Actions Missing

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    UltraNetCam3 - Actions Missing

    I have been running the HS2 version of UltraNetCam and am in the process of setting up the version for HS3 (3.0.5874.18252). My HS3 version is

    I loaded the plugin and wen thru the setup setting everything up similar to how my three foscam cameras were setup in HS2. The plugin created three devices.

    Problem #1 - for any of the three devices created, when viewing Device Management, the only choice under the Control pull-down is "Take Snapshot". On page 13 of you user guide, there are many other actions listed. Should I have these other actions in the list by default or are these actions I need to create/define someplace?

    Problem #2 - similar to the device action above, when I try to setup an manual event to control a device (a camera), the only action choice is "Take Snapshot". Page 14 in your user guide lists manay actions available. I expect this is the same problem as in #1.

    Problem #3 - When I try to setup a deice image on either the cofig panel or the Advanced panel for the camera device, I am able to navigate to images/hspi_ultranetcam3/snapshots/NetCam002/last_thumbnail_small_small.jpg to select the image. The image does not appear at the beginning of the device in the Device Management view.

    I did try reinstalling the plug-in but it did not help.


    Deleting the camaera devices I created and letting the plug-in create the devices allowed the functions under the control tab top appear in the Device Mgr and in events. Thanks for the assist.