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    Thanks, that works for me if I don't use the $user and $pwd but put in the actual user name and password as I have both cameras set up with the same user and password. I guess that will be the case for most people so the issue is resolved for snapshots. Now that the snapshot works, I have to figure out how to use the motion alarm as a trigger for other event. If I get that working in the next week or so, I'll order the plug-in. I won't have much time until the 3rd of Aug to work on it. If I have trouble, I'll ask HomeSeer for an extension if I don't have things working by then. Thanks again for taking the time to figure this out.

    Some more info

    When the snapshot path is saved as /snapshot.cgi?user=$user&pwd=$pwd
    and then brought back up to edit, the path reads as follows: /snapshot.cgi?user=$user&pwd=$pwd

    I'm assuming all commands to the camera should be followed by the
    ?user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx or
    &user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx if other parameters are specified in the command
    to avoid the error.

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      Using Motion alarm from camera


      Just got back where I can try to utilize HomeTroller SEL to automate a few more functions. Being new to all of this, makes some of the tasks overwhelming. I am trying to figure out the commands to utilize the motion detection function of the camera to alert the HS controller of the motion. I have programmed the cameras to record video to my FTP server without any issues but would also like to have snapshots taken and emails or texts sent to me with the snapshots. With your help I have been able to get HS to take the snap shot manually. Not quite sure of the syntax for the other commands.

      For example,

      alarm enable /?user=xxxx&pwd=xxx/set_alarm.cgi?http=1
      or /set_alarm.cgi?http=1/?user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx

      Then I'm not sure how to to use the setalarm in an event condition. Sorry I'm such a neophyte. I do appreciate the help. I may ask HS to extend the trial for a couple of weeks as I do think I want the functionality if I can get things working.


      An update to the issue.

      If in the jpeg model type, I set the the command to /snapshot.cgi?user=$user&pwd=mypassword the snapshot works, However when the pwd=$pwd the command no longer works. Somehow the password variable $pwd is being corrupted. I found the issue. The password variable is $pass not $pwd

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