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Questions about video stream and thumbnails

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  • Questions about video stream and thumbnails

    I'm trying out the trial of this plugin and have a couple of questions.

    1. When setting up the NetCam types, there is a Video Stream path, but it won't let me edit it from the default of /videostream.cgi. Is this a limitation of the trial or a placeholder for a future enhancement that hasn't been added/enabled yet?

    2. The thumbnail path in the devices it created is incorrect. It's creating paths like this: images/hspi_ultranetcam3/snapshots/NetCam004last_thumbnail.jpg. Note that it's missing the '/' between NetCam004 and last_thumbnail.jpg. Is this a bug in the plug in or something that just isn't configured correctly? I had to manually fix the thumbnail path for the devices it created.

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    Thank you for reporting the thumbnail image bug. The fix is available in UltraNetcam3 HSPI version 3.0.6064.36763.

    The video stream mechanism was a place holder in case I ever figured out how to capture a video stream. I'll be removing that option from the plug-in to avoid confusion.

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