I moved my HS3 from Win to Raspberry. Runs nicely for a couple of hours, then suddenly I get error messages:
The Snapshot request sent to NetCam002 [Terras] failed: Error getting response stream (ReadDone4): ServerProtocolViolation<table class="log_table_row" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr> <td class="LogDateShort LogDateTime0" colspan="1" style=" white-space: nowrap;" align="left">
</td><td class="LogPri0" colspan="1" align="left">
</td><td class="LogType0" colspan="3" align="left">
</td><td class="LogEntry0" colspan="8" align="left">
</td></tr></tbody></table>This message is repeated every 20 seconds. Restarting HS3 solves the problem for several hours.
I tried both Noobs 1.9 and Ubuntu Mate 16, same problem.
I have two cameras: Panasonic WV-SW175 (Netcam 01) and Panasonic BB-HCN531 (Netcam 002). Only Netcam 002 gives that problem.
Any ideas?