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New Sighthound Version 6.0

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  • New Sighthound Version 6.0

    Just got a new email from Sighthound that looks like it is a BIG step forward... Comments? delivers real time, industry leading computer vision software modules that can be easily integrated into applications using our SDK or Cloud APIs. Add deep learning to iOS apps, surveillance cameras, and OEM products that require advanced vision and recognition features.
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    It's worth mentioning the blog-post from a 1.5 weeks ago...

    While I do like Sighthound, I'm not a fan of their licensing model / price structure, especially when there's other alternatives for less (or even for free).

    The new version looks promising especially if they have added more/better object detection and not just vertical objects (i.e. people).
    I will definitely try out the Beta (assuming it's open) and if they deliver on the promising teasers then I might end up pulling the trigger on a license,
    but I'm using Milestone for now as it's motion detection is very good, it's free (up to 8 cameras) and it's not a resource hog like BlueIris.


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      I hope it will be good, expecially if they have figure out the face recognition, I have been waiting for this release for more than a year. I have a feeling that will be a disappointment, will see.

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