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Events - gone?

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    Events - gone?

    (Finally getting somewhere - some of the abstraction works in my favour, some not so much, but anyway - Events.)

    Now I'm not configuring Events or doing anything complicated in code, what I want is -
    list of Events (and their owning group)
    Call an Event

    Looking though the API/SDK doesn't seem like there is any/much Event stuff in there.

    Importing the HomeSeer.PluginSdk.Events, gives some methods, but several are labelled 'This has been ported directly from HS3... may undergo significant change in the furture' - doesn't exactly inspire confidence, doesn it?

    Now I know that I can read \HomeSeersData,json\events.json file and get this info and for that matter Scheduler.dll is still around and provides/provided this capability - but is this supposed to be used?

    (If I have to go THAT route I'd be very tempted to bypass HS's interface and just start reading and writing the json files directly - bet I could get a button on a root device doing THAT!)

    As a jobbing dev I can always cobble something together, but what >should< I be using to [ha, ha] future proof this?

    Oh, thank you (as ever) to those that responded to my other posts and even showed code - all very helpful.