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HS4 upgrade went fine - started porting plugins OMG.....

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    Yeah, I'm working with other plugin devices extensively in my AKSmartDevice plugin.
    And as golfyankee mentioned - when creating address string you don't need to worry about collision with other plugins - because you need to check Interface property anyways.
    What exactly do you want to know dmurphy ?

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      so using is not modifying? other plugin devices. Can one rely on other plugin devices safely?
      I am totally not understanding the two questions.

      My general point is that when trying to migrate from prior versions of HS there is not an assured mechanism that all devices/features that had been referenced by a HS/HS2/HS3 install can be identified by HS4 plugin. Going forward one can develop whatever they want for their own plugins, but since the technique employed is not part of the SDK there is no assure that there will be interoperability among the HS4 plugins.


        Sorry, I misunderstood you, I thought your were suggesting using address was bad/insufficient. But there was potentially another way that was better that could be safely used.

        To summarize I think the suggestions are to use Interface property as first level filter and then either the address or the PED that you have added to those devices.
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