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Where to post what bugs and questions

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    Where to post what bugs and questions

    We are working on an issue tracking system for the core of HS4 and legacy support. For now, please post all issues related to these topics in this subforum. If you can please title your post based on what it pertains to, that will help speed up support and engineering responses.

    E.G. [HS4 UX] Can't do X thing or [HS3 Plugin] Plugin erroring when doing Y

    For any issues relating to the development of plugins for HS4 and the use of the Plugin SDK, please post directly to the GitHub repo: We will read through everything on the forum, but you are more likely to get a quicker response through GitHub.

    - JL West
    HomeSeer Software Engineer

    I really like the fact that you are using github for issue tracking for the HS4 SDK toolkit. I hope to see more of this for HS4 and its plugins. I particularly like the github feature that once an issue is resolved, the resolution can be stated and the issue closed (but still searchable using is:closed) which is much less cluttered than using forums posting where the issue seems to live forever once it has been opened.

    I suggest Github issue tracking as a "better" short term solution than forum postings. Hopefully, whatever solution you come up with, will have a Github-like model where HS or the issue originator can close out the issue once it is resolved. For issues that result in a "lesson learned" type of resolution - i.e., those that aren't bugs, but are more in the nature of "here's what you should do in this situation", I'd also like to see some kind of moderated Issue / Solution posting which is free of lengthy back/forth posting and gets right to the "best practices" type resolution -- perhaps in a form similar to categorized GitHub Wiki postings.