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How do we handle mutiple but same featurepages?

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    How do we handle mutiple but same featurepages?

    So in HS4 no more multiple instances ...

    In HS3, I would create a player page, which in HS4 lingo I believe would be called a feature page for each player. In HS3, you would embed instanceName in all the pages and objects and all the postback functions easily routed the events to the right instance of the PI, ie the right player object.

    I use this function now in HS4: RegisterFeaturePage(pluginId, pageFileName, linkText)
    So how do I create say 20 of the same layout pages for 20 different players? I tried to use same file name but different linkText but that only created one menu item.
    What I would not like to do, is that I have to create html files on the fly, each time a player is discovered and end up with xx unique filename but same content html files. If I was to say make a change to that html file, I wouldn't be able to roll this out (unless I wrote more code to deal with this).

    Is it possible to:
    1/ let us pass parameter towards the web server and have them conveyed to the PI some thing like ?instanceName=Kitchen
    2/ something to uniquely identify the Featurepage link menu item (does that make sense?). Say a user has actually two players with the same name (ie linkText), the device are different so I always use unique device names (UDN) behind the scenes for everything I do but present the user selected "friendly" name when something is presented.