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Color control does not initialize on display

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    Color control does not initialize on display

    A device was created with a feature as color picker and three slider features.

    When viewed from DeviceUtility the color control is properly shown, but the slider graphic does not show the current value of the slider.

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    When the "Color" button on tile is clicked the Select color initializes to midpoints and mid gray color. Expect it to initialize to the DeviceValue of the color picker feature

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    When a slider feature is displayed the proper initialization occurs showing both the numeric value and the correct slider position when Control is selected. Subsequently, however, the use of Control will initialize the slider to the last position the slider was commanded and not to the numeric value shown. The two are now not in sync. It does not matter if use of the slider resulted in the DeviceValue being updated or not. If it is updated the numeric value being shown does not get updated. It is only updated if the current view is closed with X in upper corner and then the Feature control restarted.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture3.PNG
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    Also, pressing the set button does not close the window when opened via devices pages and then the features popup.