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HS3 legacy plugin under HS4: how to access 'Device Config'?

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    HS3 legacy plugin under HS4: how to access 'Device Config'?

    Admittedly a bit late to the HS4 party and just now testing the HS3 X10 and CM15a plugins under HS4 (build to make sure they run properly.

    I installed HS4, enabled 'Enable HS3 UI' under Setup/Labs then installed the X10 plugin from the updater. Plugin loads and I can configure it (a bit clunky but it works). However, when I create a new device I only have the choice to create a new 'Virtual' device but no choice for the plugin (X10) device. Choosing 'Virtual' I'm presented with a generic HS device but see no way to create a plugin device.

    Disabling the local copy of the plugin and testing remotely from VS I see that ConfigDevice() is never called in the plugin.

    Am I missing a setup step or a configuration item? Any suggestions would be most welcome!
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    The "enable HS3 UI" setting has been removed, no need to use that UI. The add device button is for HS4 plugins only. For your plugins you would create devices the same as you did in HS3, which is through your plugin.
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