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Are Timers supported in HS4

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  • jguest
    Redwar, timers do work in HS4, but be on the latest release ( Windows)as there was a problem with timers being deleted in prior a release. To created go to tools - Timers/Counters. I find it a little easier to create/edit than HS3.

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  • redwar
    started a topic Are Timers supported in HS4

    Are Timers supported in HS4

    I have used Timers in HS3 Pro for windows to manage the amount of time a light stays on after being triggered or turned on from motion in the room. I recently upgraded to HS4 to attempt to solve a stability issue I was having in HS3. Everything seems to work well except I cannot figure out how to activate, delete, create a new timer. One of the status screens says NOT SUPPORTED. Are Timers supported in HS4