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Why is a Category treated so differently than a Floor or Room

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    Why is a Category treated so differently than a Floor or Room

    I should be able to bulk edit, categories like floors and rooms.
    I shouldn't have to go to a different menu to edit, add, delete (and without confirmations to boot)

    This isn't a bug, this is's stupid.

    Probably because a device can be assigned multiple categories and would be difficult to do from the devices page?


      You can bulk edit categories in the same way as a floor in bulk edit just choose "add category"! or am I missing something?

      Click image for larger version

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        If it says Change Floor, Change Room, shouldn't it say change category. Or at least put it up at the top by the others.

        When you change floor or category you have the option of adding a new one. The same process should be for Category. Unfortunately, someone at HS simply added to the bottom of a dropdown list as opposed to thinking about it a bit.

        Actually to make matters worse, all you can do is add a category, you can't change it. You can click the same one you just added as if you're adding it again.


          Removing a category should also be in the bulk edit ...