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  • Edit Box & Enter Key

    I have an edit box. When I click on it to edit the text a dialog box pops up. Then when I press enter the dialog not just acts as if I had pressed confirmed but it also pops up a file selection dialog. I think that somehow to focus is still set to another element so the enter not only is processed for my editbox dialog but also that other element. How can I avoid this? Below is the code I am using. It produces the same javascript code as the edit field for global variables which behaves exactly how I want it (Enter = Submit and nothing else). I tried both with the style property set and not set. I set it because the javacode processed key 13 for a class of ui-dialog but actually the field in global variables does not seem to have the class ui-dialog so that's probably not it.

    textbox = new Scheduler.clsJQuery.jqTextBox(name, "text", defaultText, pageName, 0, false); = "myID"; = "class='ui-dialog'";
    textbox.promptText = "Enter new text.";
    stringBuilder.Append("<td class='tablecell'>" + textbox.Build() + "</td>");