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Pluggins allowing to transfer any event into a script

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  • Pluggins allowing to transfer any event into a script

    Is that realisable?

    I did a c++ ( and java) course at university like 3 years ago as an optionnal course. It was bacchelor level...but surely for beginner.
    ...I forgot a lot... but that surely helped me in automation logic and to be able to play a little with my RASPI3b( with clear instruction on the web).

    I also did another course ( 5 years ago) but do not remember the language. It was about building webpages.

    So,... having a plugin or something to be able to transfert any event into a script...would be fantastic. From there... it would be easier for beginers like me.. to play with scripts.

    ex: I think it is somewhat impossible to do a else command with the event engine of homeseer. But you can do this with couples of events..

    If a plugin could transfert one of these event into a would be easier to get access to the else command in scripts ...with some modifications
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    Hi Matt, I'm actually trying to create Python wrapper for the plugin template, i.e any function in HSPI class translated into Python code.
    Is that what you are after?


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      Hi Alex,

      What I was after was not something feasible I think lol. It is quite an old thread.

      Your wrapper , i'm sure will be welcome for developers or people who know how to write code.