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Getting HomeSeer to recognize a plugin

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  • Getting HomeSeer to recognize a plugin

    I have now got my first plugin up and running. It works just fine when I launch the .exe file. It connects to HomeSeer, sets up the devices it controls, correctly controls the physical device, etc.

    I have now tried to "install" the plugin by putting the plugin .exe and .exe.config files (HSPI_MONOPRICE_MPR-SG6Z.exe, HSPI_MONOPRICE_MPR-SG6Z.exe.config) into the HomeSeer root directory. For some reason, Homeseer does not recognize the plugin when I put it in the root directory. The plugin does not appear in the "installed plugins" page. I have to run the .exe by hand to get the plugin to start.

    What am I missing to get HomeSeer to recognize my plugin???

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    My experience is that when HS starts it looks in its install folder for HSPI* and then makes a call to what I recall is the Name function of the plugin. It later calls the plugin again for AccessLevel and other methods. I would confirm that Name (or whatever it is called) returns a reasonable value. Also look at the HS startup log for clues.


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      Make sure your assembly has a name space exactly like your file name including the HSPI_ and make sure your class that implements the HS interface is called HSPI.

      Not called out clearly imho. Tripped me up on my first one too.


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        That was the problem. I had "-" in my plugin name and MStudio does not like it. So I was never able to change the assembly name to be the same as my plugin name. Now the "-" are gone from my plugin name and it works.

        Thanks again.