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Tell Alexa to Open and Close a Door

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  • Tell Alexa to Open and Close a Door

    What's the trick to creating a device for which Alexa will accept "open" and "close" instead of "on" and "off".

    I'm running the MyQ plugin which works well for two of my garage doors...Alexa understands "open" and "close", although her response is not a simple "OK", but rather a "Heres's Homeseer Home Automation Skill...."

    I'm using an I/O Linc to manage a different garage door. If I say "Turn On" the output sensor all works well.

    I've created a simple Plugin to marry the input and output sensors with just enough smarts to perform an Open and Close action. I've created a device which appears identical to the MyQ door device ( Open and Close controls and separate status, no On/Off).

    All I get from Alexa when I say "Open" the door is "...Doesn't support that". I can see no difference in the Alexa devices nor in the Homeseer devices.

    What's the trick to make a device appear through Alexa to be "Open"able?

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    One way to accomplish it is to create 2 routines in Alexa, one for open and one for close. Use the custom voice input and you can use pretty much any phrase you'd like to open or close the door.


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      I've done that with events, but don't like the "tell HomeSeer" part. I haven't tried custom voice inputs, but this should be doable solely from within the plugin. If the MyQ folks figured it out it must be possible.


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        Do you have to say "tell Homeseer" when you're using an Alexa routine to trigger the device? I use the Homeseer Home Automation Skill so never have to say "tell Homeseer" at all, but would've thought it wouldn't be required in a routine regardless. In my case I just have to say whatever words are entered as the routine trigger. E.g., "Alexa, open sesame", "Alexa, let me in", "Alexa, land shark".


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          I just set it up with Alexa App with Routines. Speak Open and Close and Alexa sends On and Off. The device being controlled is my garage door that uses a Sonoff/Tasmota with Wemo emulation (or Hue emulation). The Sonoff pulses a relay that is connected to the pushbutton input of the garage door opener.


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            I'd spent a little time initially to accomplish this without success. Just reading this thread I decided to give it another go.

            Not having access to the Homeseer Home Automation Skill (outside the US), and having had No Success so far with having the SmartHome skill to recognize Events as voice commands, I had to create a virtual device for my Living Room Blind called "The Blind" with controls On=Open, Off=Closed.
            Then I created two events, one "VR Open Blind", the other "VR Close Blind" triggered by this virtual device status change. I had an existing script I use with PalmPad remotes that accomplishes the task with routines "Open" and "Close" (Also "Toggle" but that's another subject). Each routine tests the current status of a virtual device which tracks the current status of the blind. Ie: If the blind is open and it's commanded to open, nothing happens. If it's closed and commanded to open, then, well... the blind opens.

            Somewhat roundabout, but VoilĂ , it works!

            Now to do the same for the garage door.
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