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HS3 Developer UI Guidelines

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  • HS3 Developer UI Guidelines

    The purpose of this post is to provide guidelines for creating the user interface for HomeSeer HS3 software. A well-developed user interface should be easy to understand and work with and should present a pleasant, consistent look and feel throughout the application.

    Target User Needs: The UI should appeal to both experience users and to new users. Experienced users should be able to access their most commonly used features easily and efficiently. New users should be able to understand the program with a minimal amount of effort on first viewing.

    Screen Width: HS3 is designed with a uniform screen width of 1,000 px. This was done to present a consistent interface regardless of type or size of the device used to view it. Developer screens should also be designed to match this screen width.

    Workflow:Column Alignment / spacing: Label and data columns should line up evenly and should be spaced evenly. Avoid large gaps between columns, which force the user to scan horizontally more than necessary. Also, use consistent label and data text alignment per this screen shot:

    More to come..
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