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ETA on Linux beta availability?

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  • ETA on Linux beta availability?

    I'm looking to ultimately run HS3 on a Raspberry Pi. How goes the Linux port? I'll want jump into the conversion pool at that time. :^)

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    HS3 for Linux is up and running, but Rich wants to do additional testing before he's confident enough to release a build for it.


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      Mono License

      Now that we are on the topic of Linux ....

      My Mono trial license expired and I can't seem to get any reaction out of the Mono crowd as to get a license or even buy one. Has anybody been successful in installing MONO permanently in Visual Studio?

      Doing the uninstall and reinstall doesn't seem to work and I've filled out the on-line "eval sheet" 10 times, indicating what I need it for and asking for an extension or even how to buy, but their complete radio silence is deafening.



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        I used it for awhile when doing mcsSprinkers in Linux last year, but then found it easier to just do the builds and test with WinSCP and Putty. If forget if I ever got the debugger working through Visual Studio. It could also be that so much was new at the time I did not know how to take advantage of the facility it provided.


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          I'm very enthusiastic about finding new uses for my 2 Raspberry Pi's (ones currently running XBMC and the other is dedicated to polling weather circuitry; 1-wire, DHT Sensors, etc)!

          Are you running a straight Debian build or the Raspian image? I took a quick peek and it does appear that Mono can be compiled/run on ARMv6 architecture so thats encouraging. Have you tried a simple "Hello World" .NET app as a Proof-of-Concept yet?

          Originally posted by BootsC5 View Post
          I'm looking to ultimately run HS3 on a Raspberry Pi. How goes the Linux port? I'll want jump into the conversion pool at that time. :^)


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            I've only been playing with XBMC (openelec) on my pi at this point (it works well, but so disappointed at the lack of a good Netflix solution).

            I'll probably give Raspian a try, and no I have not attempted a hello world app yet. I may be a number of years since I coded professionally, but I think I can google my way through it when the time comes.


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              Are we there yet? -- eager "little kid"

              I tried installing .11 on my 12.04 Ubuntu box but the SQLite installer barfed. Is there a Linux package or do I need to update my wine settings?


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                It'll likely be a separate installer package. The Linux version will run under Mono.
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