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    HS3 plugin


    How to install:

    How to use:
    • Connect the MySensors serial gateway to a COM port
    • Configure the COM port at the 'Manage plugins' page
    • Enable the plugin at the 'Manage plugins' page
    • An S_CONTROLLER device is automatically created when the plugin starts
    • Put the S_CONTROLLER device in HS into inclusion mode
    • Include a device by resetting the MySensors Arduino device - it should be automatically created in HS

    Supported MySensors library versions:
    • 1.4.1

    • Serial port gateway (Ethernet gateway not supported)
    • Inclusion
    • Dynamic node id allocation
    • Configurable ACK/retransmission support for DIMMER and LIGHT devices (gateway -> devices)
    • Last level support for DIMMER and COVER devices
    • Metric/Imperial configuration of nodes
    • Battery level of nodes
    • SetDeviceStringByRef and SetDeviceValueByRef available as HomeSeer plugin functions (see example scripts for details)
    • Metric unit prefix configuration per devices (via V_UNIT_PREFIX message - only available in the development branch of the MySensors library)
    • User defined unit strings per device - alternative to unit strings defined by the metric/imperial configuration and the prefix
    • Time configuration of nodes
    • Configurable log
    • Communication timeout indicator (device configuration)
    • Grouping in HomeSeer
    • Windows/Linux

    The plugin currently supports the following devices:
    • BARO
    • COVER
    • CUSTOM
    • DIMMER
    • DOOR
    • HUM
    • LIGHT
    • LOCK
    • MOTION
    • MULTIMETER (only available in the development branch of the MySensors library)
    • POWER
    • RAIN
    • SMOKE
    • TEMP
    • UV
    • WATER
    • WEIGHT
    • WIND

    The following platforms have been successfully tested (HS; OS; Plugin):
    •; Windows 10 (64 bit); 1.0.5687.23871
    •; Linux (Ubuntu 14.10, 64 bit); 1.0.5489.37261

    • Update device value for S_CUSTOM_VAR devices when the received string from the node represents a number

    Known issues:
    • Deleting a device requires a restart of the plugin - to remove all references to the deleted device.

    • 1.0.5687.23871
      • Support for S_WIND sensors
      • Battery icon is only shown when an I_BATTERY_LEVEL message has been received from the node
      • Issue related to device value change triggering fixed
    • 1.0.5680.28186
      • Support for grouping in HomeSeer added
      • Battery indicator graphic is now updated on 'older' S_ARDUINO_NODE devices
      • Issue related to the update of the last change value in HS fixed
      • Change events for devices in HS will now only fire if a device value is actually changed
      • Crash related to incoming message handling fixed - Exposed by the I_TIME message
      • Support for S_WATER sensors
      • Support for S_CUSTOM sensors
      • SetDeviceStringByRef and SetDeviceValueByRef added as plugin functions (see example scripts for details)
      • Support matrix with devices and messages included
      • Expiration date removed
    • 1.0.5621.26840
      • Support for S_SMOKE sensors
      • Support for S_WEIGHT sensors
      • Support for I_BATTERY_LEVEL
      • Gateway freeze fixed
    • 1.0.5574.17274
      • Crash related to unknown device presentations fixed
      • Support for S_LOCK sensors
      • Support for S_COVER sensors
      • Support for V_UNIT_PREFIX (only for metric units)
      • Support for user defined unit strings
    • 1.0.5565.14509
      • Configurable ACK/retransmission support for DIMMER and LIGHT devices
      • 'Last Level' button added to the DIMMER device
      • Support for the MULTIMETER sensors (only available in the development branch of the MySensors library)
    • 1.0.5509.42579
      • Communication timeout functionality improved
    • 1.0.5491.35852
      • Input from the Rain sensor is no longer divded by 1000
    • 1.0.5489.37261
      • HomeSeer locations set to MySensors during device creation
      • Communication timeout indicator
      • Support for S_RAIN sensors
      • Improved robustness
    • 1.0.5447.41794
      • Initial release
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    Last edited by hleidecker; December 16, 2015, 07:08 AM.

    How is the arduino connected to homeseer?


      The plugin currently supports the serial port MySensors gateway. The ethernet MySensors gateway is not support yet.


        So I read up on all of this last night the layout would be an arduino controller on the homeseer server with a wireless tranciever then the sensors on arduinos with wireless transceivers. The plugin will report their present state? There's an arduino plugin in the store maybe you guys clips join forces somehow.


          Yes, the sensors will report back status e.g. the temperature. It is also possible to send data to the nodes e.g. the framework includes switches and dimmers.

          I've attached a couple of screenshots to the original message, showing the HS3 UI.


            This looks very interesting, especially for current and/or future arduino users.

            How does this plug-in compare to enigmatheatre's arduino plug-in?


              I haven't tried the Arduino plugin on HS3. (I still struggle with the upgrade.)

              But I will say that this plugin can do less but it's very easy to use.

              You can not build everything with this. This is a MySensors plugin hence you can only use the devices from

              On the other hand you don't need much thinking. :-) You build from the guide on the web page, download the sketch, load it on the arduino, include it on your controller and your are running. If you want to combine different sensors on one device you need to think otherwise not. :-)

              Last edited by mhn; December 3, 2014, 04:52 PM.


                I have been playing with this for more than a month now.

                The only "bad" thing I have meet so far is that I need the capacitor from the Troubleshooting page to get a stable sensor.

                I am still playing on breadboards. I will need to use HS3 for real before knowing about daily use. Daily use is still HS2 here.





                    The log entries show that the plugin has detected the temperature and humidity sensors. The plugin has previously been tested with the DHT11 sensor.

                    Let's see if we can figure out what goes wrong ...

                    Please check the 'Device Type' drop down list in the 'Device List' view. MySensors.S_TEMP and MySensors.S_HUM must be checked (if present) - I've seen a couple of times that a new device type isn't selected automatically.

                    Please restart HS, if this doesn't solve you issue, and look for entries in the debug output during startup similar to these:

                    09-12-2014 22:19:39 | PLUGIN | DEBUG | HomeSeer.Controller - HomeSeer.S_TEMP (1, 1) registered by the controller.
                    09-12-2014 22:19:39 | PLUGIN | DEBUG | HomeSeer.Controller - HomeSeer.S_HUM (1, 0) registered by the controller.

                    This is indicating that the MySensors devices are being created/registered in HomeSeer.

                    Remember to set 'Message sources' to All and 'Message Types' to All in the Debug tab at the MySensor plugin configuration page.

                    Best regards,


                      Oh wow, O wow...what kind of wonderful pandora's box of goodies have you opened up for us...'

                      Could my sensors work with Nordic BluetoothSmart(bluetooth LE) devices.
                      People would be interested in using it as a proximity/presence sensors for HS3.
                      baby steps...starting again with HS3
                      HS3Pro: Z-NET & 80 Z wave Devices,
                      HSTouch: 4 Joggler (Android Kitkat), 2 iPhone, 3 iPads
                      Whole House Audio: 5 SqueezePlay Jogglers w Bose Speakers
                      In The Works: 10 Cameras Geovision, new Adecmo/Envisalink Alarm, Arduinos
                      System: XP on Fanless Mini-ITX w/ SSD


                        It should be fairly simple to add Bluetooth LE for proximity detection to the MySensors network e.g. start with the BinarySwitch MySensors Arduino sketch and modify it to support the Bluetooh LE module from Adafruit.

                        The plugin doesn't care about the actual sensors being used as long as the sensor nodes are communicating according to the defined protocol.

                        Best regards,




                            The HS devices are created during startup/as part of the discovery of MySensors devices - I'm assuming that your issue was related to the selection of device types. I've added a note to my todo list to check if I can enable the device types from the plugin.

                            I've also noted your idea about a timeout. The default location 1 and 2 values - should it be configurable or MySensors/MySensors? What is the purpose? Easy identification of new devices?

                            Best regards,