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Velleman K8055 Plugin V1.0.0

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  • X10joe
    Jon, Try this

    Buttons 1,2,3,4 and 5 didn't work initially. Go to device status and send an ON to each and then try the Digital Inputs.

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  • X10joe
    Digital Inputs

    Hi Jon
    I just tested my Digital inputs. I ceated a script that speaks Button X was just pressed. Set trigger to set any status and it works fine.

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  • jon00
    Hi MaLarcy,

    Just built the K8055 board, tested with the demo program and everything works OK.

    I have just tried your plugin and all inputs/outputs work except the 5 digital inputs. The 5 devices corresponding to these inputs keep a value of unknown. The buttons have been held down for more than 1 second BTW. I have tried both versions of the DLL with the same result. If I shut down HS and load the demo program again, these 5 buttons register correctly on the software so the hardware must be working.

    FYI, I run a 3 gig P4 with Homeseer. Thought you would like the feedback.

    Thanks very much for the work you have done on this plugin so far!

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    I will test it this evening


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  • Malarcy
    Cool - it's great when something works for someone else - let me know how it goes.


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  • X10joe
    It works

    I'm not sure what time it is in the UK, sometime Tuesday am. Here in Springfield Illinois it's 9:34 PM and I would like to say "IT WORKS GREAT". Yes, I was shouting. Thought I might wake you up.
    I finished my 8055 board Saturday morning. The demo program that comes with it helped prove that all functions work. I followed your install instructiins and just as you said all of the devices appeared. I'm off tomorrow, can't wait to see what I can interface it to. I'llbe checking back with feedback soon.
    Thanks again for the plug-in.

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  • Malarcy
    started a topic Velleman K8055 Plugin V1.0.0

    Velleman K8055 Plugin V1.0.0

    I have developed a plugin for the velleman k8055 usb io board - described in this thread also at this website

    Basically usb connected 5 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 2 analog in 2 analog out all at about 20 pounds in kit form - winner!


    Install the velleman demo program - this will put the dll in the right place, and you can also check your board works - NOTE: The velleman site has a newer DLL - apparently fixes a memory leak - I haven't downloaded and tested it yet - I will do once the digital ink has dried on this plugin, but you may want to try it - let me know if it works OK....

    Plugin description:

    Supports 1 velleman board currently
    Provides 19 devices,

    5 digital inputs - devices K8055-0-DI1..5
    2 analog input - devices K8055-0-AI1..2
    8 digital output - devices K8055-0-DO1..8
    2 analog output - devices K8055-0-AO1..2
    2 counters - devices K8055-0-DC1..2 (counts the number of times digital input 1 and 2 have been "triggered".


    Copy hspi_malk8055.ocx to your homeseer directory (c:\program files\homeseer as a guess)

    Fire up homeseer, view.. options.. interfaces.. plugins drop down select malk8055
    restart homeseer with your velleman board attached

    If all goes well new devices appear - restart one more time to get the initial values.

    Using it - press the buttons on the velleman board - homeseer devices should change from off to on - (this version has a 250ms fixed poll interval - will fix that in next release - so you have to hold it for .25 secs to get it to register)

    skin resistance should be enough to get the analog inputs working - I tested mine with a wet finger.

    digital outputs - set them on from the device menu - light should come on.

    analog outputs - I drive them from a script -

    for i = 1 to 255
    hs.setdevicevalue "[16",i

    Makes the output test light go from dim to bright.

    digital counters - press the input buttons for di 1 and 2 and watch the numbers go up - right click in device view - goto properties and then configure - you can set the switch debounce times in there and chose to preserve counter values over a homeseer restart.

    Think thats about it apart from the disclaimers


    The plugin is currently (and for the forseable future) free - I am not making the source code public at the moment (open to email conversations if you want it) - if/when I get bored of it I will publish source.

    Please let me know if it works or fails - I will be issuing some updates but I was keen to get it published.

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