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I'm tickeled pink!

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  • I'm tickeled pink!

    I think I have gotten far enough along to know that HS3 and I will play nice together. The last migration of importance will be the Ademco panel but then I will transition to HS3. Lots of stuff still to do. Couldn't have gotten this far without the help from Sparkman, Mrhappy, Sirmeili, Steve Q, Jon00 and a bunch of others over the years...


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    Looking good Rick! I do so much more now with HS3 than I did with HS2. Many great plugins and new tech.

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      Rick, glad it's going well for you. For me, HS3 is far more reliable than HS2 was. It took a long time to get there, but I am also a happy camper.

      Steve Q

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        I'd also like to say thanks the the list of members (and more)!
        I've been "seriously" doing HS3 for 3 days now (although owned it from beta-on). Never had a reason to move over to HS3 but wanted to support the team. The last few things that were "annoying" about HS2 seems to have been NAILED down in HS3. Totally fantastic!

        Although I've been away for quite some time, my log-in still worked and the community opened their arms and hard earned experience to me. I think so far I've probably saved man-months of time through the few forum posts I've made.

        Thanks to each of you and here's to a new year!

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