I'm moving from two Z-Nets to four Z-Nets. So I'll have lots of devices that I need to Exclude from one network and Add to another. I was hoping to script the updated device reference numbers in my event actions (and hopefully event triggers), but am getting stuck in the documentation and Object Browser of the Scheduler and HomeSeerAPI objects.

Dim evRef As Integer = -1
Dim evData As HomeSeerAPI.strEventData = Nothing
Dim evName As String = "Fellowship Hall South Occupied Cool Day"
Dim evNumAction As Integer = -1

evRef = hs.GetEventRefByName(evName)
evData = hs.Event_Info(evRef)
evNumAction = evData.Action_Count

For looper = 0 to (evNumAction - 1)
hs.WriteLog(LOG_NAME, evData.Actions(looper))

That gives a generic string like:
ACTION_DEVICE : Control a Device

What I need is to get the device reference ID for that action, so I can update it.

Any ideas? Thanks!