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How can I get data from 2 arrays in one 'for each... next'

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    How can I get data from 2 arrays in one 'for each... next'

    I have a script which retrieves the setpoints from my TRV's. It works fine, but when I turn off the TRV's (Mode changes from heat to OFF, in another device), the TRV setpoint doesn't change. In my display it still displays the setpoint, but I would like that to display OFF, and if it is set to heat just display the setpoints as is now.
    So to recap, if the thermostat mode is heat, display the setpoint as it is now, but if the mode is OFF, display OFF instead of the setpoint

    This is the code I use currently

    dim array_trvs() as string = {"Heating","Guest Bed TRV","Study TRV","Lounge TRV","Kitchen TRV","Gym TRV"}
     dim trvsetpoint as integer = 0
    dim trvs_name as string = ""
    dim trvstr as string = ""
    sub Main(ByVal Parms as Object)
    trvs_name = ""
    trvstr = ""
     for each devw as string in array_trvs
                trvs_name = devw
               trvsetpoint = hs.DeviceValueByName(devw)
               If trvsetpoint >20
              trvstr = trvstr & trvs_name & " Setpoint " & " <span style='color:red'>" & trvsetpoint & " C" & "</span>" & "<br>"
              trvstr = trvstr & trvs_name & " Setpoint " & " <span style='color:blue'>" & trvsetpoint & " C" & "</span>" & "<br>"
               End If
          hs.SetDeviceString(440, trvstr,true)
        'hs.writelog("Array", "Window Count: " & windows_count)
     Catch ex As Exception
    hs.WriteLog ("Array", "Error: " & ex.Message)
    End Try
    End Sub
    somehow I need to create a second array which reads "Kitchen TRV mode", etc... then says If mode = OFF... but not sure how I can do that in the for each devw as string in array_trvs if I can put another array below

    the first screenshot is my setpoint display (which this script writes too, the second is how my TYRV devices are set up

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