I use a script function to create a timed event.
However this event as created will trigger at a specific time. Instead I want to trigger if it's past this time. How can I do this?

This is what i use now.

Sub SetAudioEvent(ByVal TriggerTime As Integer, ByVal Location As String, ByVal strActionScriptName As String, ByVal strSub As String, ByVal strParms As String)

    Dim EvRef As Integer
    Dim OldEvRef As Integer
    Dim EvTime As Date
    Dim strTimerName As String

    strTimerName = Location + " " + VOLUME

    'Delete event if already exists
    oldEvRef = hs.GetEventRefByName(strTimerName)
     If oldEvRef > 0 Then 'event does exist
    End If

    ' Create the new Event
    EvRef = hs.NewEventEx(strTimerName, AUDIOSYSTEM, "")

    ' Enable the Event

    ' Set the trigger time
    dim d as Date = new DateTime(1, 1, 1,   DateTime.Now.Hour,DateTime.Now.Minute, DateTime.Now.Second)
     EVTime = DateAdd("s", TriggerTime, d)
     hs.EventSetTimeTrigger(EvRef, EVTime)

    'Delete the event after triggering

    'Script [OFF event]
    strParms = Location & ";" & EVENT_OFF & ";0" 'Time is a dummy value
    hs.AddActionRunScript(EvRef, strActionScriptname, "Main", strParms)
End Sub