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  • Control Via JSON

    I would like to control a dimmer and use the following:

    I am actually getting a response but the light doesn't change the status, i.e. it doesn't turn on. Below is what I get back. Why does this not work? Btw, the final goal is to create my own web application to replace HSTouch just in case this matters.

    {"Name":"HomeSeer Devices","Version":"1.0","Devices":[{"ref":22,"name":"... Light","location":"...","location2":"Upstairs","value":0,"st atus":"Off","device_type_string":"Z-Wave Switch Multilevel","last_change":"\/Date(...)\/","relationship":3,"hide_from_view":false,"associated_device s":[],"device_type":{"Device_API":4,"Device_API_Description":"Plu g-In API","Device_Type":999,"Device_Type_Description":"Plug-In Root Device","Device_SubType":17,"Device_SubType_Description":""} ,"device_image":"","UserNote":"","UserAccess":"Any","status_ image":"/images/HomeSeer/status/off.gif","voice_command":"","misc":768}]}

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    Last parameter should be value=100 not val=100.


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      Ah, that was it. It needs to be value instead of val. It's kind of strange because I think with stringify I use val (I based my URL on that). In any case, in addition to that the value of 100 didn't work. I had to set it to 99. That's probably due to how the device is configured (see attached image). Thank you zwolfpack!!
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