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    Simple Scripting question

    This is probably a real newby error situation. I rarely use scripting and find I have to re-learn the basics each time I need to do it.
    This immediate script is intended to copy one of 8 integer values between two devices, which it does. Problem is the device being set does not maintain the value, it reverts back to the previous value very quickly. Its like the script is acting like a pulse. If I use an event to set a single value as a test, the value will hold. It will also hold if I manually set the value in device manager. No other events are running to alter the value.

    &hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(152, hs.devicevalue(301), True)

    There does not appear anything unusual in that scripting command so it should behave itself, is device reference 152 owned by a plugin or is it a virtual device you have created? If you check in the device properties and look at the interface setting that will tell you.


      Device 152 is owned by the Blue Iris PI, however nothing in Blue Iris is controlling it (scheduler is disabled). Device 301 is virtual.
      This event does work.

      Click image for larger version

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      Well, I should clarify the above statement. Setting a blue iris profile from HS3 will change the profile is blue iris, however it starts a timer (8 hour-default) and will revert the profile to 'unknown' when the timer is done and there is no schedule within blue iris to dictate what profile to use. That is the reason for the script - to periodically update the profile. I have tested this with the event above running using a repeating trigger and a very short timeout in blue iris and it will reset the timer each time the event runs. I could do it that way I guess, I was just looking for a cleaner method.
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