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  • Script Not Being Called

    I have a file with the filename "TraneThermostat.cs" in the scripts directory. That file contains a function "public object GetSetpoint(string arguments)". Then in HSTouch I have a text object where the text field is set to [$SCRIPT=&hs.runex("TraneThermostat.cs","GetSetpoint","275,27 6,277")]. However, the script doesn't seem to get called because for testing purposes I throw an exception at the very beginning of GetSetpoing but I see nothing in the log. Why is this not being called? Maybe the signature is wrong but then I would expect a log message that the function could not be found.

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    I think I know why it didn't throw an exception. I also had the StatusTrackingNormal set. I haven't replicated it but it seems HSTouch first uses that field and if it's set then it ignores what I have for "Text". Hence, no error message appears in the log.