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hs.saveini file question.

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  • hs.saveini file question.

    hi all,

    i don't know if this is possible.

    So i want to write some value's to an ini file in 1 row.
    Like a code, so if it gets the 1 from a counter it saves to the 1 to the ini, but if it gets the 2 it saves the 2 next to the 1 and if it gets a 3 it saves the 3next to the 2 and if it gets a 4 it saves next to the 3/

    so the ini will be :


    is this possible ?
    If so that would make my button act like a panel to put a security code in.
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    HS3Pro on windows 10 enterprise X64 on hp quadcore laptop 8 GB.