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Help needed converting an HS2 script to HS3

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  • Help needed converting an HS2 script to HS3

    I had a small script working for me under HS2 that extracted the Windspeed integer from an Environment Canada device string and created a device with the DeviceValue equal to Windspeed. I used this to power down inflatable decorations when the wind was too strong. Here is the HS2 script:
    sub main()
    Dim WindArr() as String
    Dim WindSpeed As Integer

    WindArr = Split(hs.DeviceValue("W89")
    WindSpeed = WindArr(1)
    end sub

    It would act on the Device below and set another Device Value to windspeed (14 in this example). I suppose ideally, if there is a 2nd number (ie. gust), then it should pull that number instead --- there is not always a gust speed though. I'd be happy just to get the first number. The script above does not work in HS3. Any help with this would be appreciated --- I didn't write the original script, it was provided by a helpful forum member.

    WSW 14 km/h gust 32 km/h Weather Environment Canada Wind Speed/Direction Today
    3:27:21 PM