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    Where can I find a list of Script Commands that can be executed from a .txt file, called from an Event.

    I've searched the HS Online help, but the scripting section doesn't list all the possible commands.

    For example, I'd like to extract two 'numbers' from a strinf, convert tham to numeric abd add them together.

    Something like I'd do in Excel would be = Value(Mid(Text1,7,2)) + Value(Mid(Text2,7,2))

    ... but obviously that doesn't work in an HS Script. Is there a Reference document that lists all the allowable commands and their syntax, parameters etc?

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    Microsoft had online references to VBScript, but they have deleted many of them. As per my other post, it's considered a dead language. There are third party sites such as this: For VB.NET there are also many third party sites (just Google it) and MS has documentation here:
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      The best book I ever got for VBScript commands was called "VBScript - Pocket Reference"

      You can still get copies on Ebay for under £2:50 Example:


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        convert to by renaming your script file to **.vb and updating syntax.

        To find out anything about programming, google is your friend. Search for: string functions