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To figure out what actually turned on a light......?

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    Oh no I forgot to mention one tiny tiny detail, again: There is kind of a special routine that uses the <Dinner Table Manually Override> today already, and that is a motion sensor under the table that will active that VD if there is motion (we sit down for dinner or something) and the light input in the Dinner Table window is below 600 Lux and the Ceiling lamp is Off. Then it will change that VD to "On" which in turns at the next execution of the <Livingroom>-control script will turn on the Dinner Table Ceiling Light to a predefined level.


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      That explanation was illuminating. Thank you. My take away is that you need to clean up your software. Until you are done swatting bugs you will not be in a position to address the problem with the manually controlled lights.
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        Well after a not good night sleep, I had another look into the scripts and discovered that although the code is 100% correct, it was placed in the wrong script. After moving the manual override adaption code (the part where I assume that someone might have turned on (or off if it was already turned on) manually at the physical switch) to the correct script everything started to work as designed.

        Do not that what I have now created was not in place when I started this thread, so it is thanks to all of you that I actually figured this one out! So very large thanks to each and everyone!