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Want script for slowly brightening a bulb

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    Want script for slowly brightening a bulb

    i want to have a set of light come on in the morning and slowly go from 5% to 100% over 10min or so...

    i gave up on the "magic bulbs" as they weren't reliable...neat... but not reliable.

    so, does anyone have a script that will slowly brighten a bulb over time?

    i know I could brute force it with a loop and some waits and... but I am hoping someone has an "elegant" solution that won't slow everything else down while it runs, and might support multiple iterations at the same time, overlapping but not necessarily starting/ending at the same time.

    (ps...if anyone cares, these are for nitestand daylight bulbs that are supposed to wake you up gently. My wife and I don't get up at the same time, thus the need for multiple iterations of "sunrise.")

    Here's the one I use - substitute your own values and Device references. Nore it's not documented, but it's not difficult!!

    Rename it back to .vb

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      If you have UPB, this capability is built in. Just create a link with the appropriate ramp rate and activate the link with an event.
      You could also use the EasyTrigger plug-in and an event with a recurring trigger and a virtual device to increase brightness 5% every 30 sec whenever the virtual device is on, I think.
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        Originally posted by Uncle Michael View Post
        If you have UPB, this capability is built in. ...
        The same is true for Insteon dimmers.