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Control Homeseer with Siri and Shortcuts

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    Control Homeseer with Siri and Shortcuts

    Just recently discovered the IOS shortcuts app. It allows a shortcut to be created that can do many things on a iPhone. One that is quite useful is the Get Contents of URL. This can be used to run a HS event call or control a device via JSON call. The shortcut can then be activated via Siri voice command or place a Icon on the Home Screen. Usefull for frequently used HS events or device control. You can also parse the repsonse from HS and do some comditonal logic.

    The attached screen shot runs a HS event via this JSON. Could be modified to securely call this via my Homeseer:

    Siri anounces the results returned from HS either Ok or an error message. Click image for larger version

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    Nothing needed but a IOS device and the shortcut app from the app store.

    I tried that when the Shortcuts app came out last year. Worked fine on the iPhone, but of course I don't dig out my iPhone to talk to it - I just talk to my Apple Watch. Via the Apple Watch the Shortcuts were horrifically slow, as in not even usable. Might have improved over time, and of course Shortcuts is getting a major update in the next iOS and macOS releases, so hopefully it is worth revisiting.


      Been doing the same thing here. Got iOS 13 beta haven’t delved too far into the additional feature. One thing the location based automation is currently worthless


        Any chance you can provide me a copy of that shortcut?


          I played around with this years ago and kind of forgot about it. This is functionality is really useful especially since IOS 13 was released. Remember that HomeSeer authentication will come into play. If it doesn't work, then try turning off HS authentication or add the authentication strings as part of the json string. For those interested, also see the following:

          Otherwise, just search or google for "Apple Shortcuts"
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