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Set Custom RGB from script

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    Set Custom RGB from script

    Is there a way to send a custom rgb command to a device like the Fibaro RGB controller? Tenscriptaid crashes on that device. I’ve tried changing the command for another channel to custom RGB and the script doesn’t fail to compile, it says in the log it’s sent, but nothing changes. I’ve also tried this with an aeon labs rgb bulb. Nothing ever changes and changing each channel, when you have 6 around the ceiling controlling all the lights, is slow. I’ve seen it take from 10 seconds to a minute to change.


    If I remember right then you should be able to set the controlstring parameter in a CAPI control to a RGB hex value then pass it to the CAPI control handler and it should trigger the plugin to handle it.


      When I tried a hex code the compiling fails due to wrong variable type. Tenscriptaid does say is a number between 1 and 16billion and change. Unless there is a capi control that I am missing.


        Here is a screenshot from Tenscriptaid show that it is a number, not hex, code to do a custom color.

        Click image for larger version

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        Using a number gets no result.