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Execute command prompt statement from Homeseer?

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    Execute command prompt statement from Homeseer?

    I am trying to execute a simple command line statement from an event in Homeseer to control an Android device via adb. On the command line it looks like this:

    C:\> adb shell input keyevent 22

    It works fine from the CMD window but I cannot find the correct syntax for a script command from Homeseer.

    Any thoughts?

    There is an Event action to run a program or process. Have you tried that?

    Karl S
    HS4Pro on Windows 10
    242 Devices
    56 Z-Wave Nodes
    37 Events
    HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 iOS
    Google Home: 3 Mini units 1 display


      Think I found it. Still need to clean it up a little as it causes a cmd window to open but I think I read how to stop that. Thank you for your response!

      hs.launch "c:\adb\adb", "shell input keyevent 22","",0