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Help with PluginFunction...Z-Wave...SendZwaveRaw

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    Help with PluginFunction...Z-Wave...SendZwaveRaw


    I'm looking for documentation or examples that use the SendZwaveRaw. I've only found two other threads and I feel like I've mined them for all they are worth.

    I'm trying to make calls to a Zooz ZSE19 multisiren that uses unsupported soundswitch functions. The zooz support page has Vera luup code to do this. As a former vera user who had quite a lot of luup code, I figured I'd try to re-implement it in VB.

    I'm running a SEL Pro on HS3, which I understand makes a difference on what scripting is supported.

    I have this, but it doesn't do anything I can detect and the log says "Running script in background: /usr/local/HomeSeer/scripts/test.vb("Main")" without any errors.
    Two zwave commands have to be sent in sequence (Hex79, dec8, dec255) and (Hex79, dec5 dec50, dec34)
    on my device the IFace_0_Unique=55425F562581 from my zwave.ini and the ZSE19 is node 29.
    Public Sub Main(ByVal Parms As Object)

    Dim Vol() As Byte = {&H79, &H8, &HFF }
    Dim commandData() As Byte = {&H79, &H5, &H32, &H22 }

    hs.PluginFunction("Z-Wave", "", "SendZwaveRaw", New Object() {29, Vol, Vol.Length, False, "55425F562581"})

    hs.PluginFunction("Z-Wave", "", "SendZwaveRaw", New Object() {29, commandData, commandData.Length, False, "55425F562581"})

    End Sub

    The zooz support page is here if anyone wants to see the luup