I know there's always different ways to 'skin the cat' in Homeseer.

I'd like to toggle the light on an HSM200. I want to use it as a "RECORDING" sort of "Do not enter" warning for a home office. I've already created a virtual device to handle controlling it via On/Off states (this to let Alexa turn it on/off via voice control).

I'd also like to do this from an external device, an elgato Stream Deck (streamdeck to help populate the search results). There are various ways to create plugins for it, but it does support being able to make a URL call. It has the ability to change the icon shown on the button based on the contents of that GET call.

The Streamdeck has a bunch of other features, including the ability to create whole plug-ins. Which would, presumably, allow for handling all this on that side. But before I jump down that rabbit hole, I have to wonder if this isn't something I could do on the Homeseer side of things.

Is it possible to make a single GET call to the JSON interface to an event, have that toggle the state of a device, and return the currently active state via the JSON results?