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Hildebrandglow MQTT to multiple devices

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    Hildebrandglow MQTT to multiple devices

    Hi Guys,

    I'm using the Hildebrandglow - Smart Meters - SMETS2 to read accurate live energy usage. This works great, and I can see the data in MQTT. I'm trying to import this into homeseer3.

    The Payload comes in as one big stream

    {"electricitymeter":{"timestamp":"2022-09-09T12:01:36Z","energy":{"export":{"cumulative":970.698,"unit s":"kWh"},"import":{"cumulative":37426.133,"day":14.593," wee k":128.118,"month":235.541,"units":"kWh","mpan":"21999963 787 00","supplier":"---","price":{"unitrate":0.28290,"standingcharge":0.48140}} },"p ower":{"value":2.278,"units":"kW"}}}

    Can anyone please help me advise on how I can get this information in to homeseer devices?



    The easiest way it to use mcsMQTT pluign. It will listen for new messages, decode the JSON and allow you to pick which of JSON keys you want to associate with HS devices. You can also pick data for inclusion in HS Energy database or other external databases. No scripting needed.

    Click image for larger version

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