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Newbie Trying to turn on Zwave switch with script an failing

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    Newbie Trying to turn on Zwave switch with script an failing

    HI I am brand new to homeseer having just purchased HS3Pro. I have a very simple setup that I am playing about with. I have an Aeon Labs Z Stick 2 and and Everspring dimmable switch. All of this is setup and functioning correctly. I can control the switch turning it on, off and setting the dimmer.

    Now I am trying to do something in script and I want to be able to control this switch from the script. I first found the setdevicevalue and setdevicestring functions which seemed to modify the values in the software but had no effect n the switch itself. So I went back to basics hoping to just turn on or turn off the switch from within the script. I created a new script file called test.vb and put my function in to there.

    Whatever I seem to do though is wrong as all I get are errors. Can someone please help out a beginner here and tell me what I need to do!!

    many many thanks!

    I have tried this and it errors

    Sub Main(parms As string)
    End Sub

    Below are the details of my switch

    Reference ID4Technology Address0161FC0E-002-A1Status99 = ONValue99 = "On" String Supports StatusTrueDimmableTrueInterfaceZ-WaveExtra Data Store29 Named entries, 0 UnNamed entries.Device Type InternalPlug-In API, Type: Plug-In Root Device, SubType: Device Type (String) Misc SettingsInclude in Powerfail Recovery, Show ValuesDevice Image Fileimages\Devices\Image-Not-Selected.pngThumbnail Image Fileimages\Devices\Image-Not-Selected.png Relationship StatusStandalone

    I'm away from my PC at the moment so I can't send you actual example code, but in HS3 this is very different to how you would have done it in HS2.

    The key here is CAPI control. Have a Google on the board and you will find some excellent examples of how this is done.

    Also take a look at tenscripting. It us a very her helpful tool when you are writing scripts.

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    Nicolai L


      Thanks for the replies. It seems that capi is the way to go. I found a post that detailed some scripts to use and using those has done the trick! Thanks