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    With the latest Beta of HS3, apparently the guys have suggested using C# over on Linux / Zee for performance benefits. I've been holding back from using for exactly this reason.

    So now it seems that I need to get going with C#. Would someone be able to post a few basic scripts or point me to some docs on the forum in order to start my journey into C#



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    Learning C#

    If you are just wanting to learn C#, I have found that Youtube is a great resource for that. I also found that a group called "TheNewBoston" does a pretty good job of teaching on Youtube and they have several hundred videos covering starting programming to advanced topics in C#. There are others that I have watched too, but many are done by people from other countries that I have trouble understanding the accents.

    As far as how it integrates with Homeseer, I have not looked at that part yet. I just started learning a couple of years ago. Also if you want to learn the C# language in depth, there is a site called that is great for learning. It has a yearly fee associated with it though.
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      Having problems getting the test script from the "HS3 Scripting Documentation" working. See attached pic.

      The log says as below but this isn't what I expected from the script.

      Apr-23 20:17:37 Event Running script in background: /usr/local/HomeSeer/scripts/Test.cs("Main","a")

      Apr-23 20:17:37 Event Event Trigger "Testing C# Script"

      Apr-23 20:17:37 Event Event Testing C# Script triggered by the event page 'Run' button.
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        Fixed in version .83 of Zee HS3. Something todo with the wrong C# DLL.