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Manual trigger not removed when adding time trigger

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  • Manual trigger not removed when adding time trigger

    This is the last problem that I have after doing a somewhat difficult conversion of my main script from HS2.
    Via a script.....
    Create a new event. The group name is "MyCreatedEvents" and does not exist before the create new event.
    Add a time trigger
    Add a device action.
    Set option to delete event after trigger.

    Go to events list and I see the event and the settings that I applied. However, the time trigger is now the first triggger, but the manual trigger is still there. So the event shows...

    time trigger AND manual trigger. Obviously, this will never trigger. Here is a cut and paste from
    the manual on "EventSetTimeTrigger".

    "The trigger is always the first trigger in the first trigger group. If the event already has a trigger in
    the first trigger group, the group will be wiped out and replaced with this time trigger."

    I apparently don't understand this since the manual trigger was not "wiped out".

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    Hi Jim,

    Looks like it's a bug that's been reported already:

    HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
    Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


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      So, unless there is a workaround like an undocumented function to remove a trigger from the list, I am dead in the water. Without this function working correctly, I cannot move to HS3. The heart of my "main" script is creating new timed events and then having them delete themselves after triggering. So what we are saying here is the it is impossible to created an event, add a trigger(timed or otherwise) and having it actually work. Any event with a added trigger of any kind and the "AND" condition of the manual trigger will ensure that the event will never trigger. Hard to believe that there has not been more feedback about this, since it effectively makes creating new triggerable events totally impossible!