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Collecting Thermostatus Status - polling question

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  • Collecting Thermostatus Status - polling question

    Hi Guys,

    I'm sure i'm missing the blindingly obvious, but I can't work out how to successfully grab the Thermostat status via basic vb script. I've adapted a script that another forum poster setup for the temperature logging.

    I know exactly the field I want to poll (Z-Wave Operating Status) and the device I want to poll "Ground Kierans Office Remotetec Operating State Node 4 Child", but when I poll it using the attached script, it comes back as "-1".

    The full script is attached and i've read through the HS3 scripting guide and can't quite work out what's going wrong. Based on the "-1" result, this suggests a false status, which seems to suggest to my basic scripting skills that i'm either polling the wrong thing or i've got some form of int<->string issue.

    I know that the updates are occurring as:
    - logs show it
    - the script is being triggered as expected

    Grateful if someone can please advise how I can grab the right value!
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