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    Hi Guys,

    OK, leaching for information here. I've been given API access to a website that provides river levels information. They have told be it uses JSON (which I've never heard of) and all I know is some basic vb.

    So, where does one get started? They sent me a help page, but to be honest it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    Willing to learn, but having spend the good part of 4 hours messing with code examples etc, I've not got anywhere. It appears I need to authenticate with an API key, which I have, but not even sure how to get started on that.

    Any pointers much appreciated

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    I'm guessing here but I think that it needs the POST to the authorisation page first (ApiLogin) which you then provide the API key to. I think that once you are successful then you can do the GET requests but it is a bit vague as to is this on a timeout basis or is it once you are logged in then everything after that is fine. It is a bit like there is a document missing about the API if you ask me, did they tell you anything else about or give you any other links?
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      As mrhappy says it's not clear whether you have a limited time to send the requests once you've authenticated. Most of these interfaces provide a session I'd after login that you the use in future requests.

      The login request needs to send a json string, are you getting that far? Can you send your login json string and get a response back at least?

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        thanks for the replies.

        Not been able to get anything so far.. I thought I was missing something

        I've sent them an email asking for more info