I'm looking to write a page for HS3 that:
  • Receives and parse json formatted request web requests
  • Makes HS api calls to set device status, run events, get device names, etc.
  • Formats and returns some json
  • It will also need to read a config file, store a small bit of persistent information somewhere, and keep some state information in memory between requests.

Basically, an HS3 page that does what my amazon echo proxy code and the HS3 rest api script page does.

I know there are multiple ways I can do this. What I need to know is which would be the proper one to use for compatibility (i.e. will work on the zee) and of course ease of development. A language where working with json is easy would be nice. Assuming no preference and no skill level consideration between the languages which would be the best approach? What are the pros and cons of the various ways I can do this?