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  • BeePee
    Thanks very much Al, your effort has got my wheels turning and although it was not perfect for my requirements in HS touch, as one device holds all 10 callers (nicely formatted). I am not cleaver enough to transfer the formatting to HSTouch.

    I hacked around today pulling sections from your and other scripts and managed to get Caller Name, Number and last changed time and date into a single device. I then copied the caller ID's to other devices leaving the newest caller id on the top (Only 3 devices for testing at the moment).

    Feeling very good at my attempt, I went for the acid test (actual calling) and found it failed. Not my script but HSPhone. The Problem is it only provides CID for the first call, on subsequent calls I can see the Ring Ring and the number passing through the log but HS just sits there quiet. it works again after restarting HS, but only once. I am using the W2C desktop box. Tried changing all sorts of relevant settings. Each time I saved the settings in HS3 Phone, I would get another CID operation when I tested. This appears to be a possible bug in HS3 Phone, but I'm not 100% sure yet as I'm no expert.

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  • sparkman
    Here's a vbscript file that I used with HS2 and then converted to work with HS3. I believe it was originally written by someone else, but I have made quite a few modifications to it over the years. Since it is vbscript, it will only work with HS3 running on Windows. It could be converted to

    sub main()
    cPath = hs.GetAppPAth & "\data\HSPhone\callers.log"
    'hs.writelog "Last 10 Calls", cPath
    Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objTextFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(cPath)
    '==== setup an array to step through backwards -
    '==== to display the latest calls first, instead of last.
    Do While Not objTextFile.AtEndOfStream
    	Phone1 = ""
    	result = instr(1,Phone1,"Number:")
    	Phone = trim(mid(Phone1,result + 8,12))
    	if Phone <> Block1 and Phone <> Block2 and result > 0 then
    		redim preserve CallLog(X) 
    		CallLog(X) = Phone1
    		TotCalls = X
    	end if
    EOList = 10
    tclass = "tablerowodd"
    Last10Calls = "<tr><td class='tableheader' colspan='2'><a href='/hspw?page=callerid'>Last 10 Calls</a></td></tr>"
    For X = ubound(CallLog) to 0 step -1
    	LineString = CallLog(X)
    	LineString = Replace(LineString,"<","")
    	LineString = Replace(LineString,">","")
    	if instr(1,LineString,"~!~Caller ID~!~") then
    		Last10Calls = Last10Calls + "<tr><TD width=40% class='" & tclass & "' valign='middle' align='center'><font size=-2>" 
    		pDate = mid(LineString,1,10)
    		'hs.writelog "Last10",pDate
    		result = instr(1,pDate," ") 
    		if result <> 0  then pDate = mid(pDate,1,Result-1)
    		pDate = left(trim(pDate),len(pDate)-5)
    		If IsDate(pDate) Then 
    			If DateDiff("d",pDate,Date) = 0 Then 
    				pDate = "Today"
    			ElseIf DateDiff("d",pDate,Date) = 1 Then
    				pDate = "Yesterday"
    			End If
    		End If
    		Last10Calls = Last10Calls +  pDate
    		pTime = mid(LineString,5,20)
    		result = instr(1,pTime,"~") 
    		result2 = instr(1,pTime," ")
    		if result <> 0  then pTime = mid(pTime,result2,Result-result2)
    		'hs.writelog "Last10",pTime
    		'pTime=Left(pTime,colon-1)+ "&nbsp;" + Right(pTime,2)
    		Last10Calls = Last10Calls + " " + pTime
    		Last10Calls = Last10Calls +  "<TD width=60% class='" & tclass & "' valign='middle' align='center'><font size=-2>" 
    		result = instr(1,LineString,"Name:")
    		Caller = trim(mid(LineString,result+5,16))
    		result = instr(1,LineString,"Number:")
    		Phone = Trim(mid(LineString,result+8,10))
    		Phone = Left(Phone,3) & "-" & Mid(Phone,4,3) & "-" & Right(Phone,4)
    		'hs.writelog "Phone Caller ID","*" & Phone & "*"
    		adr_count = hsp.ADRCount
    		For i = 1 To adr_count
    			Set contact = hsp.ADRGet(i)
    			If Phone = Trim(contact.home_phone) or Phone = Trim(contact.home_phone_2) or Phone = Trim(contact.cell_phone) or Phone = Trim(contact.cell_phone_2) or Phone = Trim(contact.business_phone) or Phone = Trim(contact.business_phone_2) Then
    				If contact.first <> "" Then
    					Caller = contact.first & " " & contact.last
    				ElseIf contact.company_name <> ""  Then
    					Caller = contact.company_name
    					Caller = Phone
    				End If
    			End If
    		if UCase(Caller)="O" then Caller="Outside Call"
    		if UCase(Caller)="P" Then
    			Phone = ""
    		End If
    		Caller = Caller & "<font size=-2> (" & Phone & ")"
    		Last10Calls = Last10Calls +  Caller
    		If tclass = "tablerowodd" Then
    			tclass = "tableroweven"
    			tclass = "tablerowodd"
    		End If
    		L = L + 1
    	end if
    	if L = EOList then exit For
    	if L = TotalLimit then exit for
    Last10Calls = "<table border=0 width='100%'>" & Last10Calls +  "</table>"
    hs.SetDeviceString 1230,Last10Calls, True
    end sub
    You would need to edit the 2nd last line with the reference id of your virtual device that holds the last 10 calls and save as last10calls.txt in the scripts folder. Here's the event I use in conjunction with it:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.jpg
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ID:	1183862

    Hope that helps.


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  • sparkman
    Should be relatively easy with a couple of virtual devices, event and a script to populate the last 10 callers. I have a script like that and will post it later today. When a new call is received, one virtual device would be turned on, the script will run and update the last 10 callers device. In HSTouch, you would use the status of the first device to control the button, and when pressed, run an immediate script statement to turn off the virtual device and take you to the page that displays the last 10 callers. I don't use HS Touch, so can't help with the details there, but I know it can be done.


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  • BeePee
    started a topic CID flag to Device

    CID flag to Device

    Hi All, I hope this is the right place to ask this question.

    I'm looking for a way to recreate some functions of SnevlCID package which is no longer supported under HS3.

    Under HS2 the package could assign a device to accept a CID flag, I used this device to change the colour of a HSTouch button when ON indicating a received call while absent. Touching this button would take the user to a screen where the last ten callers were visible and the CID device was also turned off, aka reset.

    I haven't a clue where to start to do this in HS3.

    Appreciate any help.