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uploading scripts to Zee S2

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  • a_ouel
    Did you find how to access to the script directory?

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  • jeffstalzer
    started a topic uploading scripts to Zee S2

    uploading scripts to Zee S2

    I'm having a very basic (and likely simple) problem. I would like to write a script to use w/ a Multisensor 6. I can't upload anything to my Zee S2 "scripts" directory. I ftp to it w/ FileZilla but cannot see (or access) "root" where the "scripts" directory is. I can access most of the other directories (that I don't need to access).

    What is the magic "open ses-a-me"?

    I stumbled into the answer: on the Zee S2 (a Unix box) the scripts are stored in: /usr/local/HomeSeer/scripts (I don't see this in any documentation).

    Use sFtp to port 22 w/ user ID homeseer and what ever Password you set (or hsthsths3 if you did not change the default PW)
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